The SPP Executive Team brings a combination of operational and planning experiences together with vast technical knowledge in formulating real world solutions to today’s complex security and resiliency challenges.

Our specialized teams of former Military, Law Enforcement, Intelligence, Emergency Management and Industry professionals have been providing clients with cutting edge 21st century capabilities since 2005.  Key personnel have in-depth expertise in the application of advanced strategies based on threat and vulnerability, budget, need, practicality, and suitability.

United States Department of Homeland Security

Joint Field Office Situation Model: 

Facilitated the development of a new Command and Control Model for the United States Government to utilize during national incidents or events.  This project included plan development, training of 18 participating agencies on-site and development of an exportable curriculum for training in regions across the United States.

Port Fourchon, LA and the Port of Nashville, TN

Participated as a partner in the Assessment and Development of Port Wide Strategic Risk Management/Mitigation and Business Continuity Plans.  Planning efforts were designed to expand port-wide partnerships for regional management of port wide strategic risk reduction activities. Project deliverables included:

  • Five-year risk reduction strategy for each port
  • Strategic recommendations to prevent, respond to and recover from major security incidents and/or disasters within the Port area.
  • Solutions to minimize the impact on lives, property and the economy – both regionally and nationally.

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