Peter J. Sammis
Director, Maritime and Homeland Security Services

Pete Sammis is a 25 year retired veteran of the U.S. Coast Guard. He is a founding principal of two specialized companies offering security consulting, technology, and program management services. Strategic Planning Partners LLC (SPP) and Project SAFEguard (PSG) have engaged with hundreds of large and small corporations, municipalities, transportation authorities, school districts, universities, U.S. government agencies and foreign government entities. 

As a Coast Guard Officer, Captain Sammis was assigned significant operational roles on high profile events including TWA Flight 800 recovery and Exxon Valdez operations. He was assigned to New York immediately following 9/11 serving in multiple capacities including Chief of the Coast Guard's Operations and Planning Sections. As Chief of Coast Guard security operations in New York, Captain Sammis was responsible for the development of new organizational and operational constructs as well as the coordination of activities and resources in cooperation with numerous Federal, State and local agency partners. 

Having extensive knowledge of program management processes and federal regulations Mr. Sammis founded SPP in 2005. SPP corporate clientele include large pharmaceutical, financial, publishing and manufacturing clients. SPP currently manages security operations and sensitive security information control for the MTA/Long Island Railroad on capital projects in the New York metropolitan area. The company has also developed and executed tactical maritime, special operations and dignitary protection training and operational programs for foreign government in North Africa and the Middle East. 

Mr. Sammis co-founded PSG in 2012 to provide web-based security solutions for deployment in both public and private sector environments. PSG hosts digitally integrated facility security and crisis management platforms for a variety of clients. The PSG web portal depicts procedural and communications protocols alongside real-time video and sensor feeds in a single application for tactical response and crisis management. Police, Fire and EMS agencies may simultaneously view multiple real time events occurring at client facilities to coordinate response activities. The PSG platform also shares real time information with law enforcement and first responder groups through command center and mobile applications to maximize critical activities and execute fully coordinated response measures.