SPP Enters Into Strategic Partnership with Libya Institute for Advanced Studies

LIAS Logo.jpg

SPP entered a strategic partnership with Libya Institute for Advanced Studies (LIAS). The LIAS is a private institution established in the aftermath of the Libyan revolution to educate the next generation of leaders with teaching and research. LIAS has broad backing within Libya, including from the government, civil society and political leaders. It also has partnerships with institutions abroad such as Georgetown University in Washington D.C., and universities in Singapore, the U.A.E, Turkey, and  Jordan. 


SPP principals, Pete Sammis and Michael Griffin hosted Dr. Aref Ali Nayed, Chairman of the Libya Institute for Advanced Studies and Libyan Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates at their corporate offices in Bethpage NY. Dr, Aref and his team met with SPP to discuss ongoing services that SPP is providing to Dr. Aref and to establish a linkage between the training initiatives offered by SPP and those offered by LIAS.