The SPP Executive Team brings a combination of operational and planning experiences together with vast technical knowledge in formulating real world solutions to today’s complex security and resiliency challenges.

Our specialized teams of former Military, Law Enforcement, Intelligence, Emergency Management and Industry professionals have been providing clients with cutting edge 21st century capabilities since 2005.  Key personnel have in-depth expertise in the application of advanced strategies based on threat and vulnerability, budget, need, practicality, and suitability.

JP Morgan Chase & Co

JP Morgan Chase & Co is the largest bank in the United States by assets and ranks as the second largest bank in the world by assets. SPP was contracted in 2013 to perform a comprehensive assessment of JPMC’s global command center operations in North America, Asia Pacific and Middle East/North Africa regions. Project deliverables included the enhancement and re-formulation of operational, organizational and technical components of day-to-day operations to maximize situational awareness and crisis management capabilities around the world. 

Pfizer Worldwide Technology

Pfizer Worldwide Technology; is the technology backbone to the world's largest research-based pharmaceutical company.  SPP conducted a full Hazard and Vulnerability Analysis, developed an integrated crisis management and disaster recovery plan inclusive of all critical systems, personnel, platforms, functions and users of Pfizer’s Research and development Core Data Systems.  This plan ensured the continuity of operations locally for R&D as well as integrating with the Pfizer Worldwide Business Continuity System.

First Data

First Data provides secure payment technology and services to more than six million merchants and financial institutions around the world, including the world’s largest corporations.  Business enterprises in nearly 70 countries rely on First Data to secure and process more than 2,000 financial transactions per second, totaling almost $2 trillion a year. SPP is engaged with First Data in the development of strategic and tactical solutions to minimize the impact of emergencies on personnel and business operations. 

Bloomberg BNA

Bureau of National Affairs; is the largest independent publisher of information and analysis products for professionals in law, tax, business, and government. SPP assessed existing emergency preparedness and continuity of operations capabilities for the protection of employees and essential operations. Project deliverables included the establishment of emergency procedures and development of pandemic and continuity of operations strategies for critical publishing operations in all emergency situations. All plans and procedures were tested through a series of tabletop and field exercises.

Otis Technologies

Otis Technologies; is the largest manufacturer of gun-cleaning systems in the United States.  SPP provided complete business survivability assessment in order to develop emergency preparedness and crisis action plans for the company. SPP assisted Otis in the establishment of planning and emergency teams consisting of representatives from management, sales, manufacturing, assembly, human resources, procurement, public relations and design engineering. 

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