Interactive Digital Security/Project SAFEguard

Project SAFEguard (SG) is a dynamic interactive integrated emergency management system that enhances and expands customary emergency management plans. The system is modular and scalable in design. A full suite of planning, training and technical components has been custom tailored to meet the requirements of a wide range of academic, municipal, corporate and retail clientele.  The SG interactive system is designed to integrate building plans, internal safety & security technology and emergency action plans inside a single digital application.  The SG product provides individual clients, first responders and emergency managers the ability to view actual building plans, emergency procedures, internal and external emergency contacts, life safety and critical equipment locations, live video feeds and still photographs simultaneously in both desktop and mobile applications.  The SAFEguard program includes:

  • Complete review and analysis current plans and procedures
  • Assessment of technology, physical security infrastructure and emergency organization
  • Digitized building plan constructed with the conversion of existing architectural drawings and/or CAD files into an interactive integrated digital application
  • Identification of all critical building assets important to first responders
  • Incorporation the documents and procedures into a simple user friendly point and click application
  • Deployable in local, state, and federal first responder agencies with requisite security settings as directed by the client.  

Project SAFEguard utilizes fourDscape® software technology in a cloud based application with a software download and controlled access the system. 

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